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..."A Major Discovery...A Major League Instrument"...

"As the Duke, José Simerilla Romero was a major discovery. He commands a sizable tenor voice with a dark glow reminiscent of Domingo and Carreras in their youthful prime. With a throb in his tone and ring at the top, his is a major league instrument.

“Questa  o quella” was tossed off with lightness of inflection and “La donna è mobile” as a lyrical definition of the philandering royal rather than a showstopper. Romero’s impassioned intensity and aristocratic phrasing turned the quartet “Bella figlia dell’amore” into one of the evening’s highlights. Romero managed to suggest the Duke’s arrogance and sexism but also his wonder at women’s attraction and love for him. He is a young singer with a very promising future."

-Rigoletto, South Florida Classical Review

..."An Ample Voice of Arresting Quality...And Expressive Sensitivity"...

“The evening was centered by a very attractive performance from Argentinian tenor Jose Simerilla Romero as the pirate Corrado.

Romero hit his mark immediately in the first scene, revealing an ample voice of arresting quality, graced by a lovely flickering vibrato and expressive sensitivity. "Tutto parea sorridere" and the later prison aria were both distinguished by fine dynamic control and a skillfully crafted diminuendo.”

- Il Corsaro, Opera News

..."Exciting Young Vocal Discovery...Power, Passion, Lyrical finesse"...

..."Jose Simerilla Romero as the hapless brigand Corrado...proved to be exciting young vocal discoveries. The tenor cut a properly dashing figure as the heroic swashbuckler, bringing power, passion, lyrical finesse and bare-chested bravado to the role. Romero is one to watch..."

- Il Corsaro, Opera Magazine

..."Bright sounding...Vibrant..."

Bright sounding...Vibrant...Besotted Jaquino, portrayed by the equally lively tenor Jose Simerilla Romero.”
- Fidelio, Los Angeles Times

..."Powerful Vocal Presence."

“Argentinian tenor José Romero draws attention with his powerful vocal presence.”
- L'Elisir d'Amore, NRC Handelsblad

..."Something Very Special"...

“Musically there is a lot to enjoy. Especially from tenor José Romero…he turns the top aria…into something very special. A discovery.”
- L'Elisir d'Amore, Trouw Nederlandse

..."Warmly Sung...In Very Good Hands."

“Mr. Romero…warmly sung with delicious open Italian vowels. The famous tenor aria is therefore in very good hands.”
- L'Elisir d'Amore, Volkskrant

"Vocally...Has A Lot To Offer...Certainly Impressive."

“Vocally this young Spanish tenor has a lot to offer. The charming modesty with which he takes care of the well-known bel canto music is certainly impressive.” - La Traviata, TheatreKrant

..."Floated High Notes That Shimmered Beautifully"...

“Romero caressed each phrase tenderly and floated high notes that shimmered beautifully, but it was a touch of machismo that made it uniquely his.”
- Carnegie Hall, Seen and Heard International 

"Remarkably Tender Bright Ringing Tone"...

““Remarkably tender bright ringing tone and charming comedic presence...Romero produced as beautiful and moving music as you’ve ever heard.”
- Carnegie Hall, Berkshire Fine Arts


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